(Translated: I have a bigger opportunity for research than just another literature research. So I am taking this opportunity to translate the most principle data’s in literature review for you)To me, this doesn’t mean that e are going to start making e a lot harder to start off your research papers. But is it going to happen that you never can make your first research papers?Well, it was said that a journey is just like an endless river, there’s always an unexpected turn that you will never see coming. Every student that writes their first research paper, is usually very cautious. Because they want to avoid making mistakes that they didn’t prepare for. Well, e don’t believe in that! Every day, you will encounter a step that you didn’t prepare for, or you forgot to do something at home that you should have done a long time ago. This is what happened with my research paper. I was lucky enough to have a glance ahead of me, and I made a few things that I could have done sooner. But the mistakes I made were one of my research’s biggest faults, and I know that many others are like this. For example, there was the time that I was absent from home in the middle of the night without returning my key, thus my phone wasn’t working. I was in such a state, and it was at that time that I saw an opportunity that I could claim with pride. I knew that there were other students there, but I decided to forge ahead in case it got to a point where no one would step in my way. However, such a thing never happened! Of course, I was desperate for more time, but I didn’t make a fool out of myself, and my research paper was out in just a few days. So if I had followed the appropriate steps for my research paper, I would have written an impressive work! I am pretty sure that with more time, I would have been able to present an excellent report for this to myself. Another thing that makes students hesitate to start their research papers, is that they will assume that a research paper is something like an essay, but it is a long term project and will take a lot of time to complete.Well, you will see, that writing a research paper isn’t the same as writing an essay. Unlike a essay, a research paper will contain less paragraphs and more information, which means that it will be easier to read and evaluate. The good thing about this is that the reader will not have to read between the lines. The content will be very easy to comprehend! The final thing that students forget to take care of, is to edit their work. Students tend to put off the editing process until the last minute, never realizing that they have to use grammar checks, grammar checkers, and proofreading programs all through the writing process. But now, that’s not right, because editing your work in the last minute before handing it over to your teacher for grading, can be one of the easiest ways to lose marks!Ultimately, we realize that the research paper is very important, so we choose to concentrate on making the most quality work possible, and this requires us to manage our time well and plan well. The question is how, and you will be surprised to find out, that it doesn’t require you to be a pro at anything. I am sure that with the tips given above, you will be able to craft your research paper today!

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