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Students often dread writing their essays since they have never written one before. Writing a quality research paper can be daunting if you have never done it. Writing a quality paper will always be tiresome if you are not mindful about how you write your paper. Since many students get lost because they do not know how to follow a good essay structure, we will take a look at the elements of the recommended structure.

What are the Sections of Your Research Paper Outline?

Your research paper outline has the specific sections that need to be in place. Your outline also ensures that your final paper meets all the writing norms. Besides, many students fear that they will lose marks for having a poorly written outline. However, this will not be the case if you follow the best research paper outline.

Academic Categories

The first section of your outline is called the abstract, which has five paragraphs. Each of the sections should have a distinct and coherent abstract; thus, each paragraph should have an introduction, body section, and conclusion. These details include the type of research paper and instructor expected content. As mentioned above, your abstract also needs to be specific and useful to enable a reader to understand your essay. You also need to give a brief and valid description of your topic. Finally, the conclusion is the bottom line of your essay.


Your introduction must state your topic, give relevant background information about the topic, and give a brief description of your research.

In the discussion section, you include recent studies concerning the topic, counterarguments, and counterarguments. Here you give your opinion or stand on the subject. Here, you also give why you believe the topic is essential and the need to address it.

Writing the conclusion is also divided into two main parts. One part is listing reasons why you decided to write the paper. Here you include any issues that need to be fixed in the relevant studies.

On the other hand, the other part involves summarizing your research in general and pointing out particular solutions for the subject. This part includes whether you are against the idea, in favor of it, or have no opinion on it.

Literature Review Section

In the literature review, you review recent research literature concerning the topic you are addressing. You briefly write about any aspects that are similar and dissimilar about the topic. You also give a brief explanation about any geographical or methodological regions that exist for the topic. You are expected to indicate how the study has answered previous research needs.

In the conclusion, you summarize your main points and include any points that need to be fixed in the literature. You also mention if there is a need for revisions in the said study.

The research paper outline you have created should be precise and adhere to the requirements of the course. You can write an outline if you do not know how to compose a quality research paper. Then do not hesitate to seek guidance from your tutors.

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