the best way how to write a good resume

the best way how to write a good resume

Many people do not know how to write a resume. But first you need to learn more about it. There are three resume formats: reverse chronological, functional, and combined. Each resume format has advantages and disadvantages. Chronic resume formats are usually more flexible and can be used by applicants with any level of experience. While in chronological order the emphasis is on career growth, a functional resume is designed for a skills-based resume. As it strongly emphasizes the qualification of the applicant, the functional format is more suitable for those who have an expert level of experience. Also, the combined resume format combines fragments of both chronological and functional formats. This format is more suitable for people who have extensive experience. :

When you know about resume formats you need to consider its structure. You need some information about yourself. But remember that this information depends on the format you choose. You must first write your name and surname. Don’t forget about your contact number and mail. Check all the details several times! Also, be careful not to accidentally add contact information to the resume header. You must indicate your work experience. This is the main part of writing a resume. Write about work experience related to your position. One of the strategies to make the section of your experience even better is to create it based on a specific vacancy. Find keywords in the vacancy and highlight them. Your employer will definitely pay attention to this! Use a set of hard and soft skills in your resume. You can specify many of your skills but it will not be professional enough. It does not show that you are a skilled worker. Using a variety of skills in entering your resume and even in the experience section will help strengthen your candidacy. Difficult skills are specific, quantifiable abilities. Fluency in language, the ability to use computer programs, or the ability to work with heavy equipment are all types of difficult skills. Soft skills are traits that are more personality-oriented. Things like the ability to work in a team, the desire to succeed or a great attitude to work fall under this general concept. Quite a common question when writing a resume. How much should be a page? If you have information that is very relevant to the position you are applying for, then add an additional page. You don’t have to add extra information for the number of pages. This is a fairly common mistake. You have to work for quality.

When done, don’t forget to check it in detail. Pay attention to the font and grammar of writing. Pay attention to the version of your resume. For the paper version, it is better to use serif fonts, while electronic versions look better in serif fonts. In conclusion, the resume writing is very important process, you need to put your attention to every detail with which you are working and you will see how you can do it for the best of writing.

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