Tips for Writing a Winning Application Essay Outline

Apply Insight to Cover Essay Writing

Application essays are a common requirement in college, and you will find that students often spend long hours researching for a perfect essay. After considering several submissions, selecting the right one is the first step to submitting an excellent paper. However, sometimes you may realize that you know more about writing an application essay than your classmates do. Therefore, you can apply your writing knowledge to boost your chances of securing the opportunity.

But first, you need to find a compelling reason to write the essay. That way, you will explain yourself clearly, and your story will be relatable.

What is the Ideal Structure to Use?

A good essay outlines should start with a hook that will make you read on. Next comes a thesis statement that summarizes your position in the essay. Finally, the introduction gives a brief synopsis of your essay. If you want to perfect the structure for your cover essay, it helps to consider the following:

  • Consider the appropriate type of introduction that can work for both a personal and professional essay.
  • Choose a suitable introduction that will have the reader hooked.
  • Outline the body paragraphs that discuss the key ideas in your writing.
  • Have a good conclusion that summarizes your paper and gets to the point.

Hooking Introductions

Your essay’s hook is the first thing that your readers will read about you. Therefore, use it to capture their attention. It should be interesting and captivating to catch their attention. Additionally, you should encourage them to peruse through the essay. They should relate the story to what you are writing.

Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement must be clear and precise to capture your essay’s focus. It helps to explain the reason why you chose to write the document, the learning objective, and the course objective. Notably, you should avoid stating a direct quote as this will make the essay unclear.

Body Paragraphs

When discussing a significant event, place the information in an organized manner. Your body should make sense as it builds upon the information given earlier in the essay. The information should make sense in its reader’s eyes, also. Your discussion of the topic should be deliberate and engaging. You should set the tone for the rest of the paper by demonstrating how your views will settle on the essay’s subject.


Your conclusion should give the reader the needed closure. You can attempt to answer the essay’s central question while highlighting the lessons learned from the application essay. Ensure that you point out how you will use the information you have provided to achieve your intended outcomes. End with a call to action that demonstrates your willingness to apply the learnt lessons.

Applying your writing knowledge will go a long way to increase your application essay success rate. You can now compose one from scratch or find an existing one and polish it.

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