Tips on Writing a Research Paper Outline

A Research Paper Outline: What to Include

An outline is a vital part of a research paper because it helps you organize your points in a certain manner. Below are the aspects that must be included in an outline to make a quality paper.

Components of an Outline

There are several factors that are essential in outline writing. For instance, you must have a title page that lists your name and address. It must indicate the deadline.

The name of your supervisor. It’s one of the main things you must include in your research paper outline because it determines if the supervisor will accept your paper or not.

The title of your research paper and the name of the supervisor. It’s also included in the abstract, which is a short summary of what is present in the research paper.

It must also explain the results. Summarize the findings and presentation of the findings. Outline as a scholar you have to add information that proves you’ve written a captivating paper.

Do not forget to include a cover page with your personal information.

When you are done writing the outline, take your time to proofread it. You must proofread it to ensure it is error-free. Some of the mistakes you make will be making when writing, including:

  1. Putting phrases that are more than one sentence in a single paragraph.
  2. Not using English as your first language.
  3. Informal writing is not for scholars. Academic writing should be formal and formal.
  4. Emphasizing facts over argument.
  5. Overgeneralization is hazardous for academics because it leads to writing errors that are easily detect by a reader and examiner. Therefore, you must analyze the paper while maintaining a high level of objectivity.

Most student overlook a few things when writing and submit low standard research paper documents. For instance, when you use a negative tone and use emotional expressions, it affects the reader and examiner. Therefore, ensure you write objectively and talk about positive outcomes.

Writing a Research Paper Outline

Remember, you must have everything included in the outline. Below are some of the elements that you must include in the outline to make a paper that is not only captivating to the reader but also informative. The aspects you must include include:

  1. The introduction that describes your research and highlights the key features.
  2. Discussion and conclusion where you give your opinion about the findings and their benefits.
  3. Recommendations which also includes how to improve the existing research.
  4. References for your references.
  5. The references use different styles to ensure you do not plagiarize your data.

Even when you write your research paper outline well, you must make it more interesting to have it to prove you can captivate your reader. Do not be the person who ignores important information in their research. The research paper outline will help you to achieve that. Therefore, make it more reliable to guarantee top scores.

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